Breakthrough Guidelines

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The Breakthrough Guideline is a criterion booklet, which forms part of the three series of the “Guidelines”. Shepherd Bushiri has written this booklet for all those believers who are seeking the aid of breakthrough in their lives. The word, “breakthrough” is a military concept that was used to describe, a military movement or advance all the way through and beyond an enemy’s front-line defense. It described the action of one army invading another army’s territory and gaining control of the opposing army’s prized possessions. You could be a born-again believer, yet there is no tangible evidence that you are a child of God. God’s wish and desire is that we may prosper and live a life that is worthy of His praise. He wants you to be a reflection of excellence, whether it be in academics, ministry, technology, business or even finance. In this booklet, there are prayers that will ensure that every stagnant area in your life is revived. Prayers that will ensure that doors are opened and floodgates are flung open for the betterment of you and your family. Instructions on how to use the Breakthrough Guideline: Meditate on each scripture reference outlined.
Read through each given message to get a broader understanding of the subject of breakthrough.
Pray and confess the petitions written there on a daily basis.
Join hands with other believers and do a corporate prayer with the petitions outline.