Stewardship Prayer Manual Volume 2

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Allow me to take this opportunity to congratulate you for having completed the first part of your leadership training. You have completed the basic training on prayer, which has turned you to pray just as I do. You know from the first training that prayer is everything. I have equipped you with principles on how to pray as I do. I, therefore, trust that you will put into practice the principles that you have learned so that you can obtain the same results from prayer as I do.

You will notice that in Volume 1 Prayer Manual, I welcomed you as an “ECG member”. In this volume, I take pleasure in welcoming you as my steward. Having completed Volume 1 training and passing the test, you have graduated from the status of a member to that of a steward. This implies that you are no longer just a member of the ECG church. You are now a steward of the church. I wish you all of the best as you begin the second stage of your training. Enjoy as you read.

Your father, Major 1