1. How Can I Access My Digital Downloads?

Please take note that from now on all books come in epub format to make the reading experience great and we've improved them now they'll open with any epub reader you have. If you using Samsung we advise you to download google playbooks, if it's iPhone use normal iPhone books app, for other devices you can try any epub readers from their respective application stores we advise Moon+ Reader. They are all free epub readers.NB: when you download it and try to open it will ask you which app to open choose the one you've downloaded on the list that you prefer to use, it will open. On Iphone after downloading choose to save to files then go to files and click on the book it will automatically open with apple books app.
Yes. We use Internet-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol to encrypt the transmission of all credit cards and personal customer information ensuring the security of all customer information.
There is one International Prophetic Store Online-shop is a platform that renders digital content, i.e. eBooks in a form of .acsm files.Due to the nature of the eBooks it is not possible to return digital content or links; therefore we do not provide refund of digital books.If the eBook or link is broken, cannot be accessed, missing pages, incorrect book v.s. the title indicated on the online-shop, etc. report the problem by sending an email to support@propheticstore.com within 3 months of purchase. We will attempt to resolve the query in good faith, and consulting with relevant service providers. However, no refunds shall be issued.If the eBook is found to be faulty, we will at your choice replace it (if such replacement is possible) to the credit amount of the eBook to attain another eBook.