Stewardship Prayer Manual Volume 3

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I am very proud of you for having come this far on your leadership training. It has brought me courage as your father to see your dedication to these trainings. This shows that you are not just a steward, but a leader.

A leader is characterised by persistence in the midst of discouraging circumstances. I am a very considerate prophet and aware that you all have commitments that you have to attend to on Saturdays. However, I have scheduled our meetings on Saturdays intentionally in order to test your commitment.

I have taught you thirteen prophetic numbers and had to apply the last number (number forty) to test you just as Jesus was also tested. I am proud to say that having reached this far, you have passed my test. You have withstood any challenge that might have attempted to demoralise you from attending these sessions. I, therefore, congratulate and celebrate you as my leaders. Leadership is not about the title, but servitude. As your spiritual

father, I cannot just make you a leader without providing you with a platform or area in which you can demonstrate your leadership skills. Therefore, this Volume 3 manual is meant for that purpose. It is intended to locate you within a particular leadership area in the church. By now, some of you might have started to experience the manifestation of power from the anointing I have released upon you during the ordination. Therefore, I have included teachings in this manual to help you understand the power that is manifesting in your life. It is my prayer that as you finish this manual because you will know where you belong in terms of your leadership role. I also pray that you will know how to control the power that is manifesting in you just as I do.

Stay blessed.